Sunset Woods


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6 Responses to Sunset Woods

  1. Enlarged the photo is even more gorgeous & sharp, so pretty, is this recent or an older photo? Just wondering when you took it!

    • Thanks so much for that! This was taken one week ago while exploring some fairly remote lakes that were new to me. Just beautiful and peaceful spots, I’m looking forward to sharing more…

      • Do you see any animals in those woods?

      • Oh yes, on this trip wild rabbits, some turtles, and a few coyotes late in the night.

      • WHOA! I always want to see coyotes but they’re really hard to find around here, shy and deep in the woods. I’ve considered going just before dawn but haven’t made plans yet. Kind of scared, wanna be careful but I would like to spot them as long as I don’t disturb them. That’s amazing though, do you get any shots or is that too hard to do in the dark? Very cool either way.

      • Oh no, at night you just hear the coyotes, which is probably best. It’s not uncommon though to spot one during the day, but it’s the pack you want to avoid.

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