In the Woods


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6 Responses to In the Woods

  1. Do you ever see river otter or beavers?

    • Thanks, I’ve seen beaver but the last otter was awhile ago. You hear more than see, like just yesterday early morning I heard coyote, not far from where I took this shot in fact…

      • I loooooooove seeing beavers swimming but I haven’t seen an otter yet. Do you ever take wildlife shots? Even though you said you hear more than see.

      • I’ve taken a few, when I’ve been lucky enough to see them, some wild rabbits, deer. It’s such a rare treat to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

      • I love seeing rabbits, any birds, there’s nothing too small or too common for me. I haven’t been able to see river otter or black bear here but I think if I keep trying it’ll happen eventually (and so long as black bear stay in the area) but the one I really want to see at the least (and photograph would be amazing) is a porcupine but those are elusive as it gets.
        Plus, this isn’t a very “wild” area though it is the country. Thanks for answering my questions.

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